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General Specification

Electric Cooker

EL FAHD Electric ranges are produced as sole tops for cantilever , bridge applications or in a wide range of modular base floor standing combinations with open storage base ambient or electric heated cupboards.

Radiant Plate tops:

Fitted with square (300x300x6mm) cast iron plates, heating is adjusted and controlled by a six position selector switch. Each plate is connected to a high limit thermostat to safeguard against overheating. Oven Electric: GN 2/1 sized and constructed in stainless steel with easy to remove tray slides to facilitate cleaning. Heating is by means of armored independently (thermostatically) controlled heating elements fitted to the base and top of the oven chamber an addition high limit thermostat safeguards against overheating.

Hot cupboards:

Heating is thermostatically controlled fan assisted type in the two door versions and static type in the single door versions.