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General Specification

Pasta cooker Elfahd pasta cooker ranges consist of single pan and twin pan models. Also produced as sole top for cantilever applications or in a wide range of flour standing .exterior cladding , pans and working top, Au of robust stainless steel (304) 18/10 . working top 1.2 mm thick , while pans are in 2 mm thick. The pans were designed with a back slope to allow complete discharge of water from the pan , prevents salty water from laying on the bottom & facilitate cleaning. Working top of (COMAX) pasta cooker is provided with a perforated stainless steel plate led upon a basket straining area in the front of the unit . this area ensures starchy & salty water to flow down direct to pan drain , which also facilitate working top cleaning. Cooking water easily drained out of pan through a ball valve , while filling water is controlled with a tap fitted to the front control panel. Floor standing model are fitted with steel adjustable legs. Standard fitting include chrome plated wire basket and stainless steal covers.

Gas models

Heated by means of high capacity burners, through fire tubes inside the pan . heat is controlled by mechanical gas valve. Burners are controlled by a pilot flame complete with safety flame failure device and piezoelectric ignition . the units are equipped with operational & overriding safety thermostat