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General Specification

pasta cooker ranges available in cantilever models in single or double pan versions. top &exterior cladding in (AISI 304 18/10) quality stainless steel. Pans are stainless steel and are sloped to ensure that water is completely discharged from the pan: this prevents salty water stagnating on the bottom and facilitates cleaning. Tops are provided with a basket straining area, to the front of the unit, draining to the overflow drain which also evacuates the cooking starches from the pan: the perforated plates can be lifted to facilitate cleaning. Water filling is controlled by a tap, and it’s drained from the pan through a leak free ball valve. Basket supports are fitted to the rear of the appliance.

Gas tops:

Are heated, directly, through a combustion chamber which surrounds the pan. Burners are tubular type, in stainless steel and are controlled by a pilot burner with safety flame failure device and piezoelectric ignition.

Electric models:

Heated by means of armoured stainless steel “incoloy” elements immersed in the water. Temperature is adjusted and controlled by a selector switch, operational & safety thermostat.