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>  Master pizza oven (M 1200)

General Specification

  • German components Turkish assembling
  • Steeples heat controls for front, top and bottom
  • Electronic heat control and turbo function
  • 400 ْ C digital thermostats
  • Double illumination
  • Heat proof glassed doors
  • Adjustable services shelf
  • Assemblable strong base (foot )system
  • Wheel design
  • Refractor stone backing surfaces
  • Backing chamber is made of special aluminum coated plate
  • Programmable for each day of week to start on preferred time. (week timer)

Technical Specification

Country of originTurkey
Model M 1200
Ext Width166 cm
Ext Height82+93 cm cm
Ext Depth114 cm
Inn. Width124 cm cm
Inn. Depth82 cm
Inn. Height14 cm
Power27 k.w
Capacity6+6 cm
Pizza diameter40